Week 6 (19/3): Working remotely in the media

Foreign correspondents on the road in Rwanda. Photo: Kigaliwire/flickr/CC


Working remotely in media

Media makers have successfully worked remotely for 20+ years.

If you love story-telling and travel, one of the ultimate jobs is to be a reporter, filing from unique locations like Arnhem Land, Denmark, London, Berlin, Tamworth … name checking like you’re reading from the back of a Faberge Brut 33 bottle. (OK, Tamworth may be a stretch!) 

The point is, digital technology makes writing and reporting possible from wherever you are. 

At the bare minimum all you need is a smart phone and you’re good to go. You can use it to research facts, record an interview, make a video, write your story and post it to your blog.

So if you’re packing a laptop you’re flying first class.

It’s always good to back that up with traditional tools such as a notepad, pens, and a camera just in case your battery fails or you’re out of WiFi range. You never know, you might have to use a rotary-dial landline to file!

After that all you need are the intangibles – creativity, flexibility, resourcefulness, determination, confidence, inquisitiveness.


Getting the stories out there

We are going to compile a news list of stories that you have been working on that are ready for publication.

The process begins with meetings of our sub-groups where the section editor will compile a list of completed content.

They will take their list to the editor who will discuss the proposed stories with each section editor.

The editor will then meet with the managing editor to finalise the first publication schedule.

Finally, we will meet as a class to review the publication schedule.

While the editorial meetings are being conducted the rest of the class will be working on content.

Radio pitches

At the end of class we will reconvene the groups to brainstorm ideas for next week’s radio show.

Author: veritychambers

Journalist and teacher

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