Week 6 (19/3): Media structures and ownership – who owns what?


Start of the Murdoch empire

Who owns what

Concentration of media ownership

Guidelines on media control


Investigate and research one of the following Australian media organisations: 

Triple J, ABC Sydney (702), ABC1, 2GB, Channel 7, Channel 10, Channel 9, Hope 1032,  Triple M, Nova, Radio National, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, The Land, The Australian.

Research and write a one page fact sheet that you can record on video to share.

Save your work to the Google Drive.

Include the following information:

• a short history of the organisation;
• circulation or ratings figures for the organisation;
• types of programs and/or content of the organisation;
• type of audience/demographic that the organisation attracts;
• code of conduct, vision statement or any other institutional.

Meet back here:

At 3:30, we can reflect on our work and I’ll give feedback.

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