Week 7 (22/3): Show Day! Plus talk breaks & evergreen content redux

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com



Re-cap on the units we’re studying:

  • CUAPPM404 Produce programs and program segments
  • BSBCRT501 Originate and develop concepts
  • CUAWRT403 Write narration and material for current affairs, features and documentaries

Eat your greens: it’s good for your eco-system

Examples of re-purposed, long-form, programs from New Zealand. Old skool!


How-to tips

Executive Producer Paul Christenson has an incredible history: helping to create an iconic #1 rating radio, The Alan Jones Breakfast Show. He studied journalism at Charles Sturt University, Bathurst and we pick up the conversation there: 

Studio program workshop-let’s collaborate on putting the finishing touches to the live show @ 2PM:

Theme: A Day for That

Check-list: run-down, review content, scripts, music, PR blurb for socials, load-in content

Next week: Live show @ 2PM: Myths – get thinking!



Re-cap on the units we’re studying:

  • CUAAIR501 Explore issues on air 
  • BSBCRT401 Articulate, present and debate ideas 
  • CUAAIR401 Conduct interviews

How to make a radio show with Keenan Cobb:

Talk Breaks

Finding the right combination of music and talk is a non-scientific task. Break length and music count are issues nearly every programmer wrestles with. How long talk breaks should be is one of the most discussed topics on nearly every station with personalities.

Different types of breaks: let’s discuss. 

  • Break structure: INS
  • Break structure: OUTS

Live show @ 2PM: A Day for That

Prepare and appoint roles for next week’s show.

Reminder: ASSESSMENT 1 (SHOW 1) DUE week 9

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