Week 7 (26/3): There’s a Day for That

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At their best, radio shows inform, entertain, and delight.

If you want to be in radio, develop your natural curiosity and make a point of knowing a little about a lot. Get to know your audience, tailor and hone the content so that it’s relevant to those that you’re streaming or broadcasting to. Be you, not some altered version of yourself and add 10% to enhance delivery and give you cut-through.

Tips and show themes from Radio.co Founder, James Mulvaney:

How to make a radio show with Keenan Cobb:

House-keeping: Remember, when you’ve finished with your TAFE computer, log out, switch off and leave it good to go for whomever is next.

Our weekly TAFE radio show streams today @ 11 am.

Across the week, use your time to tweak and finesse the program, updating any content in the shared Google drive. Remember, the success of the show has much to do with the sum of the parts. If you say that something is more than the sum of its parts or greater than the sum of its parts, you mean that it is better than you would expect from the individual parts, because the way they combine adds a different quality.

Deadline for run-down, scripts, voice breaks, audio and interviews is 11 AM, Thursday

All components go into the Weekly Radio Shows folder in the Google Drive. There are sub-folders; please adhere to clear labelling protocols for scripts and audio. EG. script titled “Facebook” will align easily with audio labelled “Facebook”. You can also put a link to the relevant doc in the run sheet so it’s easily found.

Assessment reminder: Part 1 of portfolio is due 9:30 AM, WEEK 9


  • Load in all media for live show ready for presentation
  • Then, it’s onto next week’s TAFE radio show: “Myths”
  • Sense of Day class discussion: find story and segment ideas, interview opportunities, show features, sign off on your story and segment ideas
  • Appoint roles, assign tasks. Collaborate with the Journalism and Social Media students
  • Brainstorm creative ways to promote TAFE Radio on socials before each weekly show (Instagram pics & stories, Facebook, Twitter, posters, etc.)

Author: veritychambers

Journalist and teacher

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