Week 8 Producing (29/3): Radio shelf life

A live weather break is broadcast or streamed and disappears into the ether never to be heard again. (It’s just the weather!)

Classic radio is made that may end up in Australia’s National Archive.


Produce a radio program/podcast up to 5 minutes duration.

This can be completed solo or in pairs.

You could keep working on your Evergreen assessment portfolio.


Let’s have a 15-20 minute radio programs/content meeting to decide what to create.

Make your own radio content: interview, story, etc.


Where to begin: radio broadcasting Professor Paul Cross illustrates:

It will need a name:

Things to consider


  • Who’s there and where are they?
  • Will my content connect?

GfK publishes ratings and audience insights for radio in Australia. You will find this post helpful to understand radio ratings.

Write and upload your script and research in one document to the Student Weekly Tasks folder.

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