Week 8 (31/3): Personal branding part 2

Photo by PxFuel

Last week we worked on our personal brand and elevator speeches. This helped you clarify how to sum up yourself, your personal brand and your career objectives into a 30 second speech.

Today, we’re working on using that brand to speak to your audience, and working out how you best connect with the audience.

First up: who is your audience?


Write down what you know about your target audience. This can be simple, and in dot points – no essays required!


  • Age: 
    You don’t need to get too specific here. It won’t likely make a difference whether your average customer is 24 or 27. But knowing which decade of life they’re in, or their generation, can be very useful. 
  • Location:
    Where in the world do they live? Are they in Sydney? Australia? In addition to understanding which geographic areas to target, this helps you work out when to post to ensure best visibility and maximum reach.
  • Interests: 
    What do they like to do, besides using your products or services? What TV shows do they watch? What do they do with their spare time?
  • Stage of life: 
    Are they likely to be college students? New parents? Parents of teens? Retirees?

(Source: Hootsuite)

Want more about journalism audiences? Read this.

Next: how can we connect with your audience?

The easiest way is to make media content with your audience in mind.


  • What is your audience interested in?
  • What else do they watch, listen to, read?
  • What social media platforms do they spend time on?

Then: make your content!


Make content for your target audience.

Choose and make one (or more) of the following:

  1. Written story
  2. Instagram post
  3. Facebook post
  4. Infographic using Canva
  5. Short audio or video piece for social media

(If you’ve finished, also consider making an audiogram using Headliner. Just play around with it to see what you can make!)

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