Week 8 (1/4): Workflow & more edit tools

coffee glasses
Photo by Wallpaper Flare


This week in class we will discuss the current workflow we will take for feedback and Final Assessments.

Review editing your own stills story:

    • Adding text/ basic motion effects/ blurred background layer
    • Keyframing audio and opacity

New skills:

    • Adding a black frame or a colour matte
    • Exporting a frame from Premiere Pro
    • Still image default duration, Preferences> Timeline

Still story edit:

    • More basic editing skills to add to your repertoire!

Copyright on the internet:

    • Brainstorm where to get sound effects and music (hint: this post should help)
    • Effects/ ambience/ music/ thought track
    • Demo adding audio/ adjusting volume

Looking forward to next term!

    • Video story discussion
    • Intro or PTC
    • Interview
    • A selection of varied B roll shots
    • Outro or PTC

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