Week 9 (23/4): Personal branding part 2

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Assessment Part 2: due today: Written report (600-800 words) career objectives in the media industry

Personal branding:

To land a job, you need a useful skill-set that’s attractive to an employer or a client that engages your freelance services.

And let’s aim higher than this:


Now that you have had time to form up your 30-second “elevator pitch” present it to the class over Zoom. Remember: less is more; be authentic; engage.

Here’s more info about elevator speeches with an example or two.

Media regulations and ethics – revisited and extended

In 1968, The Bee Gees sang Words and really, they are everything. So in media we’ve got to be careful how we use them. It’s our job to understand and, how to use it appropriately in the context of defamation law.

Sometimes it can get ugly. One example is 2GB’s Allan Jones’ criticism of NZ PM, Jacinda Ardern:

Discerning fact and opinion, reviews versus facts, context, etc. by Professor George Newhouse:

Radio codes of practice


You can’t say that


Quick turn-around audio or written to publish story:

    • Keeping in mind what you’ve learned from reading and looking at the information in the links above, create a #safe4TAFE but edgy 1-2 minute radio break or short story (hard-news, opinion piece, review, etc.) that can be posted on your WordPress site (audio embedded from SoundCloud) or Off Campus
    • Also save to the Radio or Journalism Student Weekly Tasks folders in the Drive
    • Can be submitted as portfolio assessment work

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