Week 10 (28/4): Good news and Guilty Pleasures

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Good news story on the local media front:

When Michael Waite — a former financial adviser for Bill Gates and US Congressional candidate — started a newspaper in his hometown of Naracoorte in South Australia’s south-east during a pandemic, there were no signs his venture would survive.

“If you’d told me at the beginning of April 2020 that I’d be starting a newspaper in my home town I would have laughed … it’s so off the radar,” Mr Waite said. Read on:


Due now: ASSESSMENT – PORTFOLIO Part 2 Radio Show – DUE NOW

Key learning and task:

  • Presenting to camera and connecting with your viewer
  • Keyword a script
  • Develop techniques for reading scripted material and communicating effectively on camera

Presenting to camera: to refresh, here’s a few tips from Sunny Lenarduzzi:

How to make professional videos at home without pro gear:

  1. Write a script or keywords for a 60 second piece to camera. This should be a video CV, introducing yourself and your professional goals and/or career highlights. (If you would like to present on a different topic, you must negotiate this with your teacher prior to scripting.) 
  2. Submit the script and plan for approval to your teacher 
  3. Record multiple takes, review them, and submit one as your first choice. Include your other takes in your submission to WEEKLY TASKS FOLDER

Prepare for this Friday’s radio show, Guilty Pleasures

guilty pleasure-noun-something, such as a film, television programme, or piece of music, that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard: everybody has a guilty pleasure—for me, it has to be mid 70s disco | [as modifier] :  the average disaster movie falls into the ‘guilty pleasure’ category

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