Week 10 (28/4): Short video content

“Selfie” by Richard Ricciardi is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Short “snackable” videos that are easy to watch and digest are becoming more and more popular. As our attention spans get shorter, creating short videos that are long enough to communicate one simple concept without losing viewers’ interest are becoming more relevant. Starting off with the app Vine, then Snapchat and now TikTok short form video has become an important content format.

Other social media platforms have taken up the challenge to incorporate short videos on their platforms. Think Instagram Stories and Reels and Facebook Stories.


  • How short is a short form video?
  • Have you created a short form video on your own social media channels before? If so, for which platform/s?
  • Are short videos a good way to build brand awareness/audience? Why? Can you think of any brands that are using short form videos well?

Do some research on the maximum length for videos on different social media platforms. Are the durations below correct?

Image: https://smarthustle.com/reels-and-tik-tok-why-you-should-market-with-short-videos/

You covered Telling Stories in last week’s Online and Social Media class. Here is a short summary:


WATCH: Some short form videos on TikTok

READ: Who to follow on TikTok

Instagram Reels

READ: Introducing Instagram Reels

WATCH: Some Instagram Reels

Facebook Stories

How to create and share a Facebook Story

Instagram Stories

READ: Instagram stories: what they are and how to make one like a pro

Creating short-form video

DISCUSS: What makes a short-form video engaging?

Content is key when creating short videos.

READ: Previous blog posts on Great content and Getting the message out

You can create great short-video content on your phone. Social media platforms are designed to work with the video camera in your phone.

You can also create short-form video in Canva. Make sure to choose the relevant template when you begin to ensure that the dimensions are correct.


Create a short-form video for Instagram, Facebook or TikTok. You can create it on your phone for your own social media platform or using Canva for one of the OffCampus platforms.

Choose a story that fits in with one of the OffCampus content pillars:

  • Gold Music
  • OffCampus (for example, Learning by doing.)
  • Study Break
  • TAFE Spirit

Pitch your story in class before you make it.

When complete, we will watch the stories in class.

REMINDER: Assessment 1 was due last week. If you need an extension please let me know.

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