Week 10 (30/4): Camera-first communication

“iPhone and iWatch” by freestocks.org is marked with CC0 1.0

WATCH: Facebook and your phone camera

The camera is beginning to replace the keyboard as a way of communicating.

“People expect the world to be so much more visual than it’s ever been before. Many of us now have powerful cameras in our pockets so when we rolled out our new camera at the end of 2016 we were reflecting this trend. We built a fast, feature-rich camera as a way for you to share visually everyday – whether it’s a video clip or quick selfie or a silly moment.”

David Marcus, Facebook’s Head of Messenger, 2017

With cameras in our pockets, we’re more likely to send a photo or a short video when previously we would have sent a text message.

In Audience and Engagement this week we started creating short form video for Facebook and Instagram Stories and Reels.

Vine and Snapchat started the trend of camera-first communication, and nearly every other social media platform has followed suit.

Some of the functions available to create short form videos in social media apps on your phone are not available on a computer. Working on your phone can be quicker and is more intuitive. It’s also important as social media professionals to be able to work both on your phone and on a computer.

WATCH: How to create an Instagram story on your phone


Today we will continue to create short videos for the OffCampus social media platforms, but you will do so completely on your mobile phone.

You can use Canva on your phone to create these videos or work directly in the Facebook, Instagram or Twitter apps on your phone. Either way, you will not be working on your computer today.

Just for this morning, I will log you into the OffCampus accounts.

Create three short videos completely on your mobile phone either:

  • promoting today’s Radio Show — Guilty Pleasures — or
  • related to our content pillars:
    1. Gold Music
    2. OffCampus (for example, Learning by doing.)
    3. Study Break
    4. TAFE Spirit
  • a topic relevant to TAFE students.

Make sure to use as many different tools available as you like. Filters, Boomerangs, Music, etc etc

As always, pitch your idea in class before creating. Make sure to check before you post anything 😊

REMINDER: Assessment 1 was due last week. If you have submitted your portfolio of ten social media posts, well done. If not, let me know if you need an extension.

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