Week 11 (3/5) Producing & Presenting: Oz Music

Radio students: Morning and afternoon classes are combined in this single post today 🥰


Today we’re going to consider the importance of Australian music and its artists and the role can radio play promoting and supporting them.

Midnight Oil’s Peter Garrett pays tribute in Parliament to Yothu Yindi’s Mr Yunupingu:

Does Australian radio really support local music?

Chrissie Vincent runs an independent music publicity company:


How does Commercial Radio Australia view content quotas and where did this concept come from? How do Nova, Triple M, Triple J etc. shape up when it comes to playing home-grown tunes? Chrissie’s Masters Submission for Box Hill Institute [pdf] takes a deep-dive.

  1. Read the crux of Chrissie’s article (it’s long) and make your observations.
  2. Research other PR companies that may help you when it comes to producing shows.
  3. Make a word doc or Excel spread-sheet of at least 10 PR contacts and the artists that they represent. This will be a super helpful resource to have.
  4. Upload to Google Drive.

12:30 Lunch


Post-lunch light relief – Bart Simpson’s Best Prank Calls:

Ex 2GO and Bob FM DJ Graham Mack shares his tips and tricks:

Next Radio 2016, Graham Mack with his tips and tricks about getting callers to phone into radio stations. Next Radio is the radio ideas conference, held every year in London. Visit https://www.facebook.com/thisisnextradio/ to join the newsletter, see more videos and discover more.


Make a word doc or Excel spread-sheet of at least 10 “water-cooler” or “hot topic” subjects that you can use to help generate callers to your show. 

Upload to Google drive.

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