Week 11 (3/5): Covid and social media

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I have a confession to make: I’m so over talking about Covid.

I can’t remember another issue that’s dominated our public discourse and media so much for so long.

Covid has changed almost every aspect of our lives, even if we haven’t quite worked out how yet.

Because of this, we need to talk about how Covid has impacted on social media and how we use it into the future.

Some things are obviously different.

Example 1: Zoom

Think back to January 2020.

How much had you used Zoom? How comfortable were you with video conferencing? What about the people around you?

How has it changed meetings? Collaboration? People’s comfort levels with other tech?

#MarshDumpAdani Rally - 6000 people joined zoom and online live-stream
6000 people in an anti-Adani Zoom meeting in May 2020

Example 2: TikTok

TikTok use by people aged 16-64 tripled in 2020. (My 70-something mum uses TikTok now, for example, and she only got Instagram in 2019.)

Why did TikTok use grow so dramatically during Covid?

Will people still use it the same way in a post-Covid world?


  • How are we living our lives differently now?
  • How has Covid changed people’s priorities?
  • What might change in a post-Covid world?
  • Are there certain types of posts that are more popular at the moment? Is it popular because of Covid? Or for another reason?
  • What impact might that have on social media strategy?

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