Week 11 (4/5): Getting down to business

Photo by Zoli Erdos

Knowing who you are can help you find a career that you love.

ACTIVITY: Check out this post about finding yourself.

It’s time to get cracking!

Career advice report is due next week.

Have you found someone to talk to yet?

If YES – awesome.
(Next steps: set up a time, write questions, do the interview, get it ready to post on WordPress, send me the link, tick it off your To-Do list.)

If NO – talk to me asap so we can make a solid plan for you to get it done.
(I get that this assessment can be intimidating, but it’s very achievable I promise.)

NEXT UP (and only when you finish the Career Advice Report):

  • Finalise your resume
  • Look for jobs or other opportunities – and APPLY
  • Work on your portfolio
  • Work on your WordPress
  • Publish something on LinkedIn

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