Week 14 (27/5): Editing

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com


C4 S121 Google share folder > Final Assessments

Term 2 Video story edit

  • Hoping to give lots of feedback on your edits this week!
  • Finished edit due 3 June

We only have this class and the next to complete, and the following week for me to finish feedback and for you to have moved your edits for last term to Final Assessments. (That is if I haven’t given you an extension.)

Please include a screen grab of your organised Premiere Pro project

For e.g.:  

Or alternatively your Premiere Pro project

Reminder your assessment includes a 200-300 word reflection which also needs to be saved into Final Assessments

Please talk to me if you have any issues with completing your assessment
I’m here to support you

A reminder

Your Video story needs to have at minimum:

  • Intro or PTC
  • Interview
  • A selection of varied B roll shots
  • Outro or PTC

Please see the Editing Subject Guide for assessment clarification.

Premiere Pro

EDITING review


I will cover:

  • cutting in B roll shots using a student shoot example
  • adding lower third supers to your interviews
  • Adding rolling credits
  • Fine tuning your edit and balancing your audio

Premiere Pro video links

Primary & secondary colour correction

Animate end credits

Rolling credits

Premiere Pro editing shortcuts here

Good luck with finishing editing your video story!

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