Week 15 (4/6): On the work front + Futuristic

Opportunity is knocking all over the place when it comes to getting a start in the media industry. It would seem that many organisations have finally realised they’ve cut too far and now don’t have enough bodies to get the product out. 

Newscorp, in particular, is advertising several entry-level positions. They are based in both Sydney and in rural areas and can be found on LinkedIn here

Grant Broadcasters is a family-owned broadcast company and it’s worth keeping up with job opportunities that may range from positions on air, newsroom, promotions, etc.


I doubt that Ray Hadley will be fishing for a new job but news that regional Triple M stations have ditched his morning show seems to fly in the face of the success that it’s had:

The rise and rise of podcasting: One of Australia’s most respected media executives, Helen McCabe, has warned that the podcast market is increasingly oversaturated. She predicts that only those with the best products, voices and audiences will make it through as the industry evolves:

The government website JobOutlook is a great tool for researching job prospects and possible future careers.
Take a look at careers like:

to see prospects, weekly pay and other really useful information. There is also information on the skills and knowledge required for each career.
Note though that there is no listing for social media professionals on this website. Why do you think that may be?

  • All assessment work is due now. Unless you’ve negotiated an extension with your teacher, please submit assessments no later than today to allow time for feed-back and re-submission if needed.

Next week:

  • The final newsroom, social, and radio theme, “Futuristic”

adjectivehaving or involving very modern technology or design: a swimming pool and futuristic dome• (of a film or book) set in the future, typically in a world of advanced or menacing technology: his blackly comic futuristic fantasy(Futuristic) dated of or characteristic of Futurism: Futuristic embroidery

  • Feedback continues.

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