Who to follow – TikTok edition

A list of accounts to follow to learn more about media.

(Disclaimer: this list in not exhaustive. Have you found an account that should be on this list, but isn’t? TELL ME!)


Amber Romero

A must for anyone in the Socials stream, but useful for anyone wanting to get better at strategically using social media.


Answer to @heathermarshallphoto what are content pillars? #socialmediamarketing #contentpillars #content

♬ original sound – Amber Romero


Similar to Amber Romero. Follow follow follow!

Alex James

Some of the best copywriting advice I’ve come across. Follow even if you’re not sure you’re that interested in being a copywriter – it will just make you a better communicator. Periodt.

Brie E Anderson

A bunch of tiny things that you’d find useful to know

Digital marketing secrets

Absolutely must follow if you’re ever going to work in social media marketing. Also useful insights on how the algorithms are working, best post times etc


Stop trusting people who only want to sell you a $297 “mastermind.” #tiktokmarketing #algorithm #marketing #digitalmarketing

♬ Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose

Jacqueline Kekos

Some very practical tips on using features on social media platforms

Roland Kay-Smith

Solid advice on building great social media content.

Alina Amir

A bit marketing focused, but decent tips on how to write better copy

Sarah Hiraki

For her series Creative Director 101. It’s not for everyone, but exceptionally useful for some.

Sally Prosser

All about voice overs and presentation


Reply to @jessicaribeiroparish do these 3 things and you can’t go wrong 😀 #tiktokvoicecoach #cameraskills #video #publicspeaking

♬ original sound – Sally Prosser Voice Coach


Jordi Koalitic

Beautiful photography and videography ideas. I love the simplicity of the video below for example.


Chess Phone Transition ♟📱 RATE from 1-10 👆🏼 Shot on #MI11 #MovieMagic @xiaomi.official 📸 #chess #phone #transitions #art #jordikoalitic

♬ Tear Me Down – Jalen Tyree

David Suh

All about portrait photography and how to pose.


Alex Stemplewski

Human focused photo and video


I asked these police officers if I could shoot them a pic #LAPD #viral #photoshoot bts @jakeceja

♬ Astronaut In The Ocean – Masked Wolf

James La Fuego

An insight into his process, and the end result

Jake Ceja

Lots of humans doing things (like sport), shot beautifully… and also some commercial work of his.


I ordered from a local don’t shop with @grubhub perks and these are the results! #grubhubpartner #sponsored #videomagic #videography

♬ original sound – Jakeyboy

Noah Bowman

Lots of sports and cars


Medium Noah

Grammar, etymology, pronunciation and other interesting things about language.


Guardian Australia

An effective strategy from an established masthead.


#Oprah really just woke up one day and decided to reduce #buckinghampalace to dust, didn’t she. 📸Getty/CBS #harryandmeghan #meghan #Mexit

♬ The Harry and Meghan interview with Oprah – Guardian Australia

Gerard LeConte

As far as I can tell, Gerard is a skilled and enthusiastic amateur journalist. To me this demonstrates how accessible journalistic storytelling can be IF you have the right skills.

Marcus DiPaola

A journalist whose day job is working for news wire services, who presents bulletins on TikTok just because. Note how accessible his scripting is – he writes for a middle school student with a learning disability audience.


APR 24 — Transgender athletes banned from school sports in Alabama

♬ original sound – Marcus DiPaola

Washington Post

Delightfully silly


The United States’ population growth slowed in the past 10 years to its lowest rate since the 1930s, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

♬ Stromae Alors on Danse – ᴍᴇɢᴜᴍɪ & ᴋʏᴏ 🦋


Dr Jen Golbeck

This account regularly scares me and amazes me.


 64% of people who join extremist groups on Facebook do it because Facebook‘s algorithm‘s tell them to. Sources in bio link #facebook #algorithm

♬ Bongo cha-cha-cha – Remastered – Caterina Valente

Comments containing misinformation make real science appear less legitimate. Sometimes it’s good to turn comments off! #misinformation

♬ deja vu – Olivia Rodrigo

Dr Casey Fiesler

On all things tech ethics. A bit academic but loads of interesting and useful considerations.


#stitch with @stillcatieosaurus Research receipts for transparency in content #moderation #bringbackcatieosaurus

♬ original sound – Dr. Casey Fiesler

Jack Bandy

Tech news and AI researcher


Maybe this will be the video to deliver me another dopamine hit… #techtok #tiktokalgorithm #creator

♬ Up & Down – Vengaboys

Who else should be on this list?

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