First edits

selective focus photography of gray stainless steel condenser microphone
Photo by Magda Ehlers on

Making decisions about what you leave out of a piece can be as critical as what you put in. Editing can completely change a narrative: highlighting different parts of the story, or telling a different story altogether.

In order to become adept at editing your audio or video story, you should first learn a few tools. We teach Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro, and are starting the semester with Audition. Don’t worry if it’s a completely foreign concept at first.

NB. These notes are intended as a refresher for the face-to-face class on this topic, and not as a standalone.


Research the following terms and concepts:

  • Pre production, production, post production
  • Destructive vs non destructive editing

How do they relate to storytelling in radio or journalism?


Mitchell Coombs takes us on a tour of his home town of Bogan Gate.

Watch the video, and make a note of how the story is told – and how editing helps to tell the story.

Did you identify the scripting and narrative? The select use of music to keep the pace going (without a soundtrack throughout)? How important was the delivery of the script?

Do you think the piece would have been as effective if the pace of the edits was slower?


Complete one or more of the editing exercises in the Google Drive.

Open Adobe Audition.

Import one or more of the raw audio files into the Files tab in Audition.

In the Waveform tab, using the shortcuts below, remove the empty space, mistakes and breaths in the audio files.

Then: File > save as, to your student drive for your course group in the student folder to save the edited audio file.

Audition basic shortcuts

How to download the Adobe CC apps you need for home:

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