Week 1 (23/7): Intro to Industry

Photo: pixy.org/CC


  • Introduction to media and audience
  • Who am I and where am I going?
  • Personal values, ethics and goals

What specifically are we aiming to do in Industry? Say “in industry” three times. It’s a good vocal exercise!

  • BSBCRT401 Articulate, present and debate ideas
  • CUAWHS302 Apply work health and safety practices
  • BSBSMB301 Investigate micro business opportunities

Please read and become familiar with the Subject Guide.

Where’s Media?

Media (Old Persian: Māda, Middle Persian: Mād) is a region of north-western Iran, best known for having been the political and cultural base of the Medes. During the Achaemenid period, it comprised present-day Azarbaijan, Iranian Kurdistan and western Tabaristan. 

What’s Media?

In simple terms, the term media, which is the plural of medium, refers to the communication channels through which we disseminate news, music, movies, education, promotional messages and other data. We used to get all our news and entertainment via TV, radio, newspapers and magazines but distribution methods and platforms are evolving:

  • Who am I and where am I going? Career values: let’s look inside ourselves to discover where we may fit into the media landscape with this on-line questionnaire:



  • Are there personal values not included in this card sort that are important to you? 
  • Has it helped you to define how you could contribute to the media world? And in what way?


The state of news in this nation: The Australian Newsroom Mapping Project 

  • How do you consume news?
  • What are your viewing habits?
  • What radio do you listen to and how does it find its way to your ears?

Following on from your card findings and group discussion, document those ideas and, answers to the questions below in a brief word doc. (200-300 words).

The idea is for you to become familiar with which media you follow, how they are consumed, what’s appealing subject matter, etc.

Also consider, how would you best like to present it to an audience? Would it be a written article, a radio piece, video file, social media post or a multi-platform combination of these disciplines?

Using your full name, make your own folder in the Student Weekly Tasks folder in the Google Drive and save the document there.

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