Week 3: Who is the audience?

And why do we care?


Why do you want to know who your audience is anyway?

What do you want to know about them? What can you do with that information?

How can you find out about them?

What’s the difference between audience and target audience? How important is that difference?

Who is the audience for Off Campus and TAFE Radio?

What are our content pillars? How does that relate to our audience?

How can we translate these pillars into socials content? How do we build our calendar and strategy around it?


As a group, let’s draft:

  • A code of conduct for ourselves
  • An outline of what we want to achieve with our socials this semesters
  • A content calendar or strategy (don’t worry about format – we’ll finesse this later)
  • A list of any skills might we need to achieve this

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