Week 3: Analysing #teamTAFE’s channels

“Social Media Logos on An Art Background” by mikemacmarketing is licensed under CC BY 2.0


Now that you have looked at the Australian and worldwide audiences for different platforms, it’s time to look deeply at our audiences for TAFE Radio, the Off Campus website, and the Off Campus social accounts.


DISCUSSION: Why do you need to know the audience anyway?

READ: Let’s take another look at the Style Guide: TAFE Radio & Off Campus Handbook.

DISCUSSION: What are your observations from reading the Style Guide?

What are our content pillars? How does that relate to our audience?

How can we translate these pillars into socials content? How do we build our calendar and strategy around it?

ANALYSE: Take another look at the content on our socials, do you think it reaches our target audience? What would you do to improve the channels?

TASK: In 200 words, describe a typical user of the platforms. Remember to check out the Style Guide: TAFE Radio & Off Campus Handbook.


DISCUSSION: What are some potential goals for our channels for this semester?

This could be:

  • increasing followers,
  • increasing engagement,
  • increasing site visits or listens,
  • building an audience on a specific platform…

As a group, brainstorm ideas for growing the audience for the TAFE social media channels.

How can we increase our audience for the TAFE social media channels?

Risk analysis

As a group, we’re going to look at a social media risk analysis.


Who are our stakeholders? Think about who creates, consumes, and provides the infrastructure for our content.

What are the risks associated with running the TAFE Radio and Off Campus socials? Are there different risks with different platforms?

(Think: account risks, publicity risks, business risks, media law risks …)

(Think: risks to our key stakeholders too)

How can we minimise or eliminate these risks?

(Think: 2 step verification on accounts, strong editorial processes, code of conduct, restricting account access …)

Assessment 1

To complete your research briefs for Assessment Part 1: Research Portfolio, there is now a template called Audience and Engagement: Research Brief Template saved in Google Drive in the Audience & Engagement folder.

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