Week 3: Making digi content together … Let’s GO!


Special guest, Brian Newington

What Journalism students will be doing: News Conference 
  • Writing a news list: appoint editors
  • Using Canva to promote TAFE Radio and Journalism on socials before each weekly show (Instagram pics & stories, Facebook, Twitter, posters, etc.)
  • Canva helps you to make snappy social media graphics, easily – read these tips and watch the tutorial below.

Some reading to refresh your memories:

  • Find a press release and write a news story in inverted pyramid style; or
  • Write a news bulletin for the upcoming show (there’s a good guide for structuring a news bulletin here); or
  • Put together a news package for an Off Campus social platform (e.g. Instagram story)
  • Should be something you’re missing from your portfolio 

Radio students: Radio Content and On Air

Run sheets and scripts:

7 Microphone Etiquette Tips:

  • Prepare yourself and your environment
  • Minimize your movement
  • Use a microphone stand
  • Don’t blow into, tap, or bump your microphone
  • Use a windscreen or your own pop filter
  • Stay consistently close to the mic.
  • Talk across the mic

Record 1 short “evergreen” (60 second) audio piece to be played on TAFE Radio. Keep it safe for TAFE! 🤓

Read: What is evergreen content?

Upload your run-downs, scripts, audio, etc. to the Student Weekly Tasks folder in the Drive.

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