Week 5: Stakeholders, risks, and the way forward

Photo by Mitchell Luo on Pexels.com

Last week, we delved into the idea of audience.

We researched TAFE Radio and Off Campus, their audiences, and their content pillars. We read the style guide.


What are our thoughts and observations so far?
Any gaps? Opportunities? Points of interest?


Who are our stakeholders?
And what are their interests in TAFE Radio and Off Campus?


As a group, we’re going to complete a social media risk analysis here.

What are the risks associated with running the TAFE Radio and Off Campus socials? Are there different risks with different platforms?
(Think: account risks, publicity risks, business risks, media law risks…)
(Think: risks to our key stakeholders too)

How can we minimise or eliminate these risks?
(Think: 2 step verification on accounts, strong editorial processes, code of conduct, restricting account access…)


Let’s check the Code of Conduct and compare it with others:


Collaboratively, let’s set our goals.

Brainstorm: what are potential goals for this semester?
(Think: increase followers, increase engagement, increase site visits or listens, build an audience on a specific platform.)

(Need some inspo before you start? Read this.)

Refine our list: Which ones are meaningful, and which ones are a distraction?
(Think: how important are follower numbers, really?)

Reminder: Part 1 of your assessment is due in Week 6*

*I’ll allow an extension, it’s ok 😘

Familiarise yourself with the Off Campus publishing platforms (offcampus.media, TAFE Radio, and the social media accounts), and the Off Campus Handbook and Style Guide.

As a group, submit a portfolio of research on the 

Your portfolio of research must include:

  • Analysis of the audience/s and target audience/s for the existing social media platforms
  • The purpose of each platform and its likely audience; and any predicted developments with the platform
  • Analysis of existing content and content strategy
  • Analysis of existing content pillars, with recommendations
  • Analysis of existing style guide, with recommendations
  • Risk analysis and mitigation
  • Code of conduct (if appropriate)

Individually or in pairs, submit a concept outlining:

  • An overall social media strategy
  • Overall content principles
  • Any recommended changes to the existing practices, content strategy, style guide or other social media practices.

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