Week 5: Vox Popping



First, a quick game (and an example of vox pops) – watch the Couple, Siblings or Strangers video above.

Vox pop basics


Some vox pop examples

People in Surry Hills are the focus of this YouTuber’s vox pops:

Jordan Klepper takes a humorous look at what Trump supporters are hoping for in 2020:

Vox Pop International asked the question: Is university worth it?

  • vox pop made by Emma Davies, a student at UOW


In groups of 2-3 people, come up with an idea for a vox pop. You will need to do some research before your write your questions.

If we were doing vox pops on the street, each person would have a role e.g. interviewer, videographer, sound person, talent scout. Under COVID restrictions we’ll take it in turns to ask and answer questions in our Zoom room.

This is just a practice session – for the vox pop section of your assessment, we’ll record all the questions and answers 🤓 Both today and the assessment day are designed just to give you an idea of how vox pops work, and you’re among friends. So have fun!

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