Week 6: Can I quote you on that?

Photo: sollok29/CC/Wikimedia Commons


Check out the origin story of “the most famous seven words in American journalism”.

He said, she said

A quote is the written form of the words people have spoken. Quotes are shown surrounded by quotation marks, either single (‘) or double (“). The alternative to using a quote is to rewrite the sentence into what we call “reported speech”.

There are two kinds of quotes: direct and indirect

  • Direct quote: An exact transcription, word for word, of what a person said. You always put them within quotation marks.
  • Indirect quote (or paraphrasing): is faithful to the meaning of what a person said though the wording is not exactly the same. You don’t use quotation marks.

As they often form the heart of your story it is important to get them right

  • Only use quotes that add to your story
  • Only include exactly what the interviewee has said
  • Follow the accepted journalistic formats for reporting speech
  • Use in headlines where appropriate
  • Do not use italics
  • Do not tack quotes on to the end of a long paragraph

“Each quotation should serve a purpose, such as reveal a source’s character, describe or emphasize a point, or present an opinion.” – University of Richmond Writing Centre

Here is an example of the correct way to write a quote:

Cunninghams Real Estate director and former president of the Real Estate Institute of NSW John Cunningham said the market was “abnormal” at every level.

“Selling very late at night is not normal,” Mr Cunningham said. “There are multiple buyers on most properties and they’re all jockeying to get their offers accepted.”

Make sure you use good quotes nice and high in your story. Do not leave them until the end.



Finalise your story idea for the first Writing assessment task

A draft (part-time) or final version (full-time) is due next week so you should have an idea and be organising an interview/s for your story.

Take the opportunity to write a short plan or outline for your story including an angle and possible interviewees. Put this in a Word document and place in the Google drive.

Any questions on what is required can be obtained by studying the specific task instructions in the subject guide. If you need clarification or have any unanswered questions, please contact me ASAP.

WEEK #7 – Assessment Part 1

Write: A news story of 350 – 400 words for print or online (ie: text only)

Add: An attention-grabbing headline (making sure you consider SEO) and at least one image (below the headline) which you have taken yourself or sourced through Creative Commons.

Place your Word document in the Final Assessments folder and post it on your WordPress site.








Thanks, Luca 🥰

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