Week 7: News vs feature writing

Photo: “newspaper” by dweinberger is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


We’re going to delve a bit deeper today into news writing vs feature writing style.

How is news writing different from writing feature stories?

WATCH: Chris Davey, Assistant Vice President for Media and Public Relations at The Ohio State University, summarises some of the differences between traditional news stories and feature stories:

ANALYSE: read these stories about a student who was framed for terrorism offences:


    • Which one of the articles above is the feature story?
    • What is a feature story?
    • What is a news feature?
    • How can you tell if a story is a feature story?
    • Do feature stories still adhere to the inverted pyramid style?
    • Do feature stories require different techniques to news story writing?

Writing a feature story is often about finding an angle that no one else has covered, or going in depth when news stories can’t. Sometimes a news article will turn into a feature story, when you realise that to tell the story properly you need to interview more people, or the story is just too complex to write in 500 – 750 words.


Work on a piece for your portfolio. The story can be for this week’s radio show or can be on any topic you like. Pitch the story in the news conference, then create!

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