Great apps for digital content creation

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on
Some tools to help with photos, illos, videos, and memes
snapseed app logo

Snapseed – excellent photo editing tool
Mobile: Android/iOS
Read: Getting Started with Snapseed +
Snapseed photo editing tutorial

lightroom photo editing app logo

Lightroom – photo editing + pro camera
Mobile: Android/iOS
Read: Snapseed vs Lightroom +
Get started with Lightroom on mobile

canva app logo

Canva – easy to use graphic design
Mobile: Android/iOS
Read: Getting started with Canva

pic collage app logo

PicCollage – collages, photo editing, text
Mobile: Android/iOS
Read: Getting started with PicCollage

stencil graphic design logo

Stencil – graphic design
Read: Canva v Stencil

giphy logo gif

Giphy – GIF and sticker maker
Mobile: Android/iOS
Read: How to make a GIF

piktochart logo

Piktochart – charts and other graphics
Web only:
Watch: A simple guide to Piktochart for beginners

Caption Writer for Instagram – fonts, spaces and line breaks, generate & save hashtags
Mobile: Android/iOS

Adobe Spark – make videos, social posts, graphics – anything really! Intuitive and simple
Watch: Getting started with Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark Post – really easy and beautiful graphic maker
Mobile: Android/iOS

Imgflip – meme generator with templates
Mobile: Android only

Imgur – meme and GIF maker
Mobile: Android/iOS

Lumen5 – super easy video creation
Web only:
Watch: Lumen5 explainer

InShot – brilliant and simple mobile app for making videos
Mobile: Android/iOS
Watch: InShot tutorial

VN – another awesome mobile video-making app
Mobile: Android/iOS
Watch: VN video editor tutorial

Animoto – simple video editing
Mobile: Android (outside the Play Store)/iOS

Animaker – create animated videos
Web only:
Watch: How to make animated videos [beginners’ tutorial]


To learn how to use any of the apps and programs above, search “getting started with …” on YouTube. I’ll add some video links above as I find them. Most apps are very simple and recommended for mobile content creation in particular.

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