Week 8: Basic radio formatics

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com


Today we will focus on planning and making any pre-recorded content for the next TAFE Radio show or your podcast.

Content suggestions:

  • Focus topics
  • Pre-recorded segments
  • Interviews
  • Guests
  • Opinion/editorial
  • Roundtable: experiences, tips, debate, quizzes, stories, Q&A etc

In terms of improving your ‘On Air’ presentation – always think of the listener

  • Remember to reset the basic formatics regularly (The station ID, the time, the topic, your name, etc. )
  • Be in your listener’s space – what would they want to know?
  • Use creative teases and hooks to keep listeners tuned in.
  • Source audio to support your on-air content breaks (sfx, audio grabs, music beds, stingers (futuristic sounds used to transition elements) be creative!
  • Research and find the most interesting artist/band news/facts/trivia pieces (not what pops up first in Google or on Wikipedia)
  • Find new ways to say old things.
  • Always be inclusive: “We” not “them”

Ask yourself how do I make a show called ‘Guilty Pleasures’ engaging, entertaining, interesting and at the same time avoid potential offence?

To work in the Media means you need to be up on what is appropriate and inappropriate chat. And the sands are shifting so fast these days. Best to be clued up on the zeitgeist – (the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history, shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time).

If you need proof of the consequences of stepping over safe boundaries –

Watch this clip from Media Watch discussing the ‘Sex doll’ segment from Triple M’s national Danny Lakey Show, now removed from circulation.

  • Write a “blurb” to promote the show, segment, or podcast you are preparing. Think social media savvy.
  • Write and record a short (5 – 10 sec max) promo to publicise the show, your podcast, or your segment.
  • Jingle – Mixture of voice and music / FX.
  • Sweeper – Dry voice jingle that can be mixed with music by DJ.
  • Promo – Longer jingle promoting a show or event.

Audio whiz Mike Russell’s insights into the “rule of three” for radio sweepers:

Reminder: Assessment 1 Part 2: TAFE Radio or podcast talk breaks due Week 10 (after the break).

Coming up soon: presenting to camera and connecting with your viewer.

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