Week 9: WordPress workshop

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Today: free time to work on your Online & Social assessments and play with WordPress.

Below are some tips and tricks to help you with some of the things you may want to do on your site.

Set up slick-looking Home, About, and Contact pages

Add photos (redux)

  • In Week 4 you added the gallery of photos you took in MoJo. You also learned how to add a Featured Image (go back and revisit the post for info if you haven’t done this yet).
  • We also learned how to embed Getty Images in posts (remembering they must be used according to Ts&Cs and can’t be used as featured images)
  • In case you need a refresher, here’s everything you need to know about how to add images to your posts using the Image block, position them, resize them, and more
  • Prefer a video tutorial? Here you go:

Embed video

On a free WordPress site you need to host video (e.g. on YouTube or Vimeo) before embedding it in your posts or pages.

Then use the YouTube block (you can also search for a Vimeo block which works the same way) to embed the video player.

Embed audio

As with video, you will need audio to be hosted elsewhere before embedding on free WordPress sites. In your post or page dashboard, search for:

Read: Embedding Audio and Video in WordPress for more info

Embed social media posts

You can embed prettywell any social media post by searching for the relevant block. NB only public posts and tweets can be embedded.

Create in-text links

The best websites link to other interesting stuff or in the case of news and journalism, original sources of information or research.

It’s simple, and here’s how to do it. Tip: always set your links to ‘open in another page’ – it keeps readers on your site.

Explore the blocks!

Remember there’s a super long list of different blocks to try, including headings, a GIF block, cute buttons, and lots more.

  1. Sign into WordPress
  2. How do your Pages look? (You should have a Home page, About page, and Contact page)
  3. Do you have Posts on your site yet?
  4. If not, post something you have written, recorded, or made this semester
  5. Work on your Online & Social story portfolio assessment (finish the story from last week if that isn’t yet complete, or start on another one from the list you made in Week 5)
  6. Remember to regularly check the mobile view of your site!

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