The Good News Story Project*

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Welcome to The Good News Story Project*

(*yet to be named – by you!)

For the next three weeks Journalism, Radio, and Socials students will work together on a project. We’ll be returning to our regular programming in the first week of next term, but in the meantime, we have a challenge for you 😎

The Challenge

  • We will break all three streams up into groups of three.
  • Each group will need to produce a series of stories on the theme of ‘good news’.
  • You and your team-mates will be able to choose the kinds of stories you make, and the platform you make them for.
  • You will pitch your ideas with your group during our class tomorrow (stuck for ideas? Read through The Content Challenge and Content Ideas for some inspo).
  • We’ll pull together all our stuff in a news report like this one:

The Plan

Make 3 podcast episodes or audio stories:

  • Make three podcasts or audio stories, duration 3-5 minutes
  • Use music and sound effects (CC-licensed or royalty-free – check out Useful links: CC-licensed music and sound)
  • At this point, no ‘chumcast’ podcasts please
  • Create a screenshot of each of your stories to be used in the final video story report (e.g. in the video above)

Make 3 videos:

  • Make three short and simple videos on a good news topic for our social platforms, duration 1 minute each
  • Use subtitles/captioning to make your videos accessible
  • Ensure you use the correct aspect ratio for the platform you choose (TIP: video will be vertical, not horizontal)
  • Create a screenshot of each of your stories to be used in the final video story report (e.g. in the video above)

Write 3 stories:

  • Complete a minimum of three stories on any good news topic, length 350-400 words, to be published on Off Campus
  • Create a screenshot of each of your stories + photo/s to be used in the final video story report (e.g. in the video above)

Rework the writing team’s 3 stories to tell on social media:

  • Work with the above teams (audio or writing) to tell the same stories in a form that works on socials
  • Repurpose each story to fit one of our social media platforms
  • Each story should be able to stand alone -i.e. make sense as a story on its own without the audience reading the Off Campus version or listening to the audio
  • Create a screenshot of each of your stories to be used in the final video story report (e.g. in the video above)

Pitch your own idea:

If you have another, different idea – after discussing with your group pitch to Nick, Mark, and Verity for approval


  • Decide on a name for our project
  • Define some hashtags that align with our social media personality and the tone of the project
  • Nominate a presenter or presenters to present a bulletin of all our stories (in the style of the John Krasinski video)
  • Nominate a team to edit the video

REMEMBER: Stories should be timeless, or evergreen – there is no point publishing a story in three weeks’ time that is old news.

ALL content should be created with the TAFE Media Style Guide in mind, and should be #safeforTAFE.

PLEASE JOIN the #gnp channel in Slack

Collaboration groups:

  • Jay, Craig, Nico
  • Emmanuel, Donna, Matt
  • Mary Lou, Tina, Kaylan, Karina
  • Angie, Wren, Lewis, Zac
  • Troy, Ryan, George, Jaxon
Some tools to help with photos, illos, videos, and memes
snapseed app logo

Snapseed – excellent photo editing tool
Mobile: Android/iOS
Read: Getting Started with Snapseed +
Snapseed photo editing tutorial

lightroom photo editing app logo

Lightroom – photo editing + pro camera
Mobile: Android/iOS
Read: Snapseed vs Lightroom +
Get started with Lightroom on mobile

canva app logo

Canva – easy to use graphic design
Mobile: Android/iOS
Read: Getting started with Canva

pic collage app logo

PicCollage – collages, photo editing, text
Mobile: Android/iOS
Read: Getting started with PicCollage

stencil graphic design logo

Stencil – graphic design
Read: Canva v Stencil

giphy logo gif

Giphy – GIF and sticker maker
Mobile: Android/iOS
Read: How to make a GIF

piktochart logo

Piktochart – charts and other graphics
Web only:

Caption Writer for Instagram – fonts, spaces and line breaks, generate & save hashtags
Mobile: Android/iOS

Adobe Spark – make videos, social posts, graphics – anything really! Intuitive and simple

Adobe Spark Post – really easy and beautiful graphic maker
Mobile: Android/iOS

Imgflip – meme generator with templates
Mobile: Android only

Imgur – meme and GIF maker
Mobile: Android/iOS

Lumen5 – super easy video creation
Web only:

InShot – brilliant and simple mobile app for making videos
Mobile: Android/iOS

VN – another awesome mobile video-making app
Mobile: Android/iOS

Animoto – simple video editing
Mobile: Android (outside the Play Store)/iOS

Animaker – create animated videos
Web only:


To learn how to use any of the apps and programs above, search “getting started with …” on YouTube. I’ll add some video links above as I find them. Most apps are very simple and recommended for mobile content creation in particular.


Friday September 3: What to do today

  • Continue to work with your group buddies on your story ideas
  • Each person should have some input into each story
  • Start with clear story outlines and plans – use bullet points or a story board to plan how each story will begin, how it will progress, and where it will end
  • Define clearly where each story will be published or hosted (e.g. Off Campus, Soundcloud, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.)
  • If you’re publishing the story as a post on social media (e.g. Insta or Facebook) remember you will also need to write an engaging caption
  • Be prepared to present your ideas to everyone at a production meeting at 11.15am today
  • Aim to have all three stories completed by end of class next week, Sept 10
  • Don’t forget to try a few of the apps above – they’re fun, and can make mobile story production fast and easy!

Friday September 10: What to do today

  • Continue work with your tribe to finish your stories
  • If you’re including text in your stories (e.g. as video captions, or captions to accompany stories on social platforms) make sure someone proof reads your text, or use spell and grammar checks (Google docs and Word will do that for you, just make sure your settings are for UK or Australian English)

If you’ve finished your stories:

We need a small group to volunteer to put together the video (like Jon Krasinski’s one at the top of this post). You will need to:

  • Grab a screenshot or photo from each group for each of the stories they’re doing
  • Start to draft a script for the Good News Report that includes some of the stories we’ve made and tells our audience where they can find them


  • Do we need some promo on social media for the project? e.g. an Instagram post or story, a TikTok video explaining what we’ve done, a Facebook post?
  • If we run out of time today, how will we finish the project?
  • How will we “brand”, or tie together, all of the sweet stories we’ve made?
  • Which hashtags might we use on Off Campus and the social platforms?
  • Is there a set of emojis we should use?
  • Should all of the stories ‘go live’ at the same time? (Stories can be scheduled on Off Campus and social sites)

We’re here to give each group guidance and advice – we’ll drop in to rooms or you can ask for help 😊


Friday September 17: What to do today

  • Finish main video for The Good News
  • Work on social content (scheduling stories, promo)
  • Any additional stuff to be made? e.g. platform-specific fun things such as TikTok promo, etc.
  • Do we want to intro the team behind The Good News? If so, how do we do that?
  • PLEASE make sure your finished stories are in the Final Versions folder in the Drive, or THEY CANNOT BE PUBLISHED. (In other words, help me out so I know which version of your files is the right one to put on Off Campus or the socials, thank you! x)
Assessment reminders!

Radio students your portfolios are due today. Please refer to this post for a checklist of what to submit.

Socials students your Research Portfolio and Live Socials Portfolio are due this week – check Audience and Engagement and Live Socials for full details.

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