Week 11: Getting stuck into it

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C4 S221 Google share folder > Final Assessments

Term 2 Video story editing

  • What’s the story you are editing?
  • Any advice, techniques, new skills or tips you need?
  • Finished edit due in week 15 (i.e. Nov. 11) 

We have 5 classes left (including this one)!!


Your assessment includes a 200-300 word reflection. (Not sure how to write a reflection? Go here for help.)

Please talk to me if you have any issues with completing your assessment.

I’m here to support you all.

Your Video story needs to have at minimum:

  • Intro or outro
  • Interview
  • A selection of varied B roll shots

Premiere Pro

REVIEW Editing your rough cut

Basic edit skills

  • Insert editing
  • Swapping shots
  • Track selection
  • Razor tool
  • Adjusting volume

More EDITING techniques

  • Ripple/ roll trim review
  • Cutting in B-roll shots
  • Cutting with music
  • Split edits
  • Keyframing audio
  • Transition effects
  • Speed/ freeze frames

WATCH: Bits and bobs video editing demo 

Premiere Pro editing shortcuts here [pdf]

Have fun editing your story!

Please see the Editing Subject Guide for assessment clarification 😘

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