Week 11: Livestreaming

“Preparations for the Livestream” by bielchessfestival is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

DISCUSS: What is livestreaming?

Livestreaming is like live TV however anyone with the right technology – an internet enabled device (like a smartphone) and a platform (like a website or app) – can live stream.

There has been an explosion of live streams and live broadcasting recently, particularly since COVID. It seems that every time you look at your socials feeds there is someone live streaming.

For example:

  • News channels: ABC News Channel, Sky News and many in the US. Parliament, Committee hearings etc
  • Entertainment: major events, awards ceremonies (Academy Awards, APRA), concerts (Glastonbury), fundraisers (Powder Finger), interviews, even funerals (Michael Gudinski).
  • Marketing: Q&As with their audience, customer support, special announcements and product launches, interviews, blogger hosted streams, even live tarot readings!

Livestreaming tools

There are a number of tools that can be used to livestream.

WATCH: Setting Up A Video Stream for A Radio Show

3 Tools for Internet Radio Live Video: StreamYard, Restream and Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

WATCH: How To Go Live With StreamYard | Complete Tutorial 2021

WATCH: Switcher Studio – The Most Portable Video Creation Platform

Pretty much every social media platform can go live, including Instagram Live, Twitter Live and Facebook Live.

WATCH: How to Go Live on Facebook (Guide)

Live tweeting is another way to use social media during live events.

DISCUSS: Have you ever live tweeted?

Let’s look at how we live-tweeted our first radio show this year – the first tweet is here:

How can hashtags be used during live events?

DISCUSS: How has COVID affected events and the ways we gather?


Create a plan for a short livestream. Choose one of the livestreaming tools above to use on one of your social media channels. Set yourself up to do a short livestream. We will take it in turns around the class to watch each other livestream.


  1. Let’s have a look at our analytics and discuss how our content is doing.
  2. Then, choose a platform and like/comment on some of our followers’ posts.
  3. Plan and start making stuff for tomorrow.


It’s Week 11. Assessment 2 is due in Week 13. For more details check out the Subject Guide.

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