Week 11: Taking your own photos is a snap

The Cat Empire rocks The Metro. Picture: Mark Gately


We use a lot of Creative Commons images in our blogs, tasks and assessments so it’s easy to forget that we have another source at our fingertips.

Taking your own photos is in many ways a better option than trying to find just the right photo in a vast library. Particularly if you’re going to have to settle for a generic image – and the subject of your story is right there in front of you being interviewed!

You’ve been taken through the process in Mojo so don’t be afraid to make use of that knowledge.

Here’s an interesting perspective from a former ABC Online photo editor.

The most important things to remember when taking photos for a story is to capture both landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) images. This gives you not only options for your story but for promoting it on the various social media platforms.

And multiple images also give you scope to include a picture gallery or create a photo feature such as this.


Take your own photos and use them as the basis for a 200-300 word story.

The subject can be anything that takes your fancy but ideally would be something close to home for easy access. It can even be an object – a t-shirt, family heirloom, ticket stub, a fish pond or bird cage, the local takeaway or a monument in the park.

Upcoming radio shows have mental health and Oz Music themes, so maybe you can use those as your themes too.

Take some arresting images and get writing.

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