Week 13: Branding & monetisation

“Social media influencer” – a legitimate career option. Photo: Ivan Samkov/Pexels.com


Brand positioning is the space a company owns in the mind of a customer and how it differentiates itself from competitors.

Brand positioning is the way to build a strong brand, it’s a type of marketing strategy that helps companies (and people) set themselves apart.



  • What are some strong brands that you can think of?
  • What makes these brands strong?
  • Can you think of some brand names that have become generic terms for all similar products?
  • Why is it important for a person or a business to have a strong brand?
  • How can a company or a person build a strong brand?

READ: Examples:

Crafting a brand position statement conveys a value proposition to a brand’s ideal customers.

DISCUSS: Develop a brief brand positioning statement for your own social media accounts and WordPress site. Include things such as:

  • Target market
  • Market category
  • Customer pains
  • Brand promise
  • Brand identity and values
  • Mission

Social media is a great way to build a brand. It gives people a way to have a conversation with you.

DISCUSS: To build a brand:

  • Do you need to be on multiple social media platforms?
  • Do you need lots of followers?
  • How often do you need to post?


Some tips from Canva on how to build a brand on social media.

Top brands on social media and Instagram

Monetising your socials

One way to monetise your socials is to become an influencer.

READ: Being a social media influencer is no longer a side gig, but a career path for many Australians


  • What is an influencer?
  • How do influencers work?
  • What laws exist now around influencers?

Research ten ways to monetise your socials and discuss in class.

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