Week 13: Writing and presenting + Australian Music

Image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay


Let’s kick start with an Australian music quiz!

Planning ahead: next week’s TAFE radio show takes on an Australian Music flavour. Daniel Johns, formerly of silverchair (yep, that’s right, with a lower case ‘s’), is back in the spotlight. It’s refreshing to see this creative genius finally comfortable in his own skin. A lovely interview here with The Project’s Carrie Bickmore:

And if you need a more Oz-piration, have another look at this post.

Reflection and peer/self-assessment

Share and view our videos from last week’s task which was:

“Let’s shift focus from talking about yourself to choosing a topic or story to present Write a script or keywords for a 60 second piece to camera”

Key learning:

  • Advanced scripting and radio presentation. Remember, write how you speak, keep it conversational. Read back what you’re written and ask yourself, is it sounding natural? Radio show scripts are just a guide.
  • Create a structure and keep it simple; your listener shouldn’t need a thesaurus to follow along.
  • Formulate the script by using visual techniques such as underlining, bolding, etc. These are known as visual cues.
  • Experiment with your scripts and stick with a method that works best after giving it a road test.
  • Familiarise yourself with the script and, the content that it refers to.

James Mulvaney @ radio.co:

Radio commercial writing tips:

  1. Watch both videos, then in your own words summarise the key points for scripting:
    – a radio show;
    – a radio commercial.
  2. Imagine that you’re hosting a 1-hour music show on your favourite station (Nova 969, Triple J, KISS, Triple M, ABC Saturday Night Country, etc.) and write 7 talk breaks.

Submit to your Student Weekly Tasks folder.



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