Week 15 (3/6): More editing!

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Term 2 Video story edit

  • Finished edit is due in class today

Next week is for feedback and sign off on your final edit which should be in the Final Assessments folder: C4 S121 Google share folder > Final Assessments

Please include a screen grab of your organised Premiere Pro project

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It’s the end of semester!

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Before you pack up all your things and head to the couch with Netflix and a doona, make sure you’ve done everything on this list:

  • Handed in all of the bits of your assessments.
  • Talk to your teacher for each class to make sure that you’ve finished everything.
  • Signed off on your assessment feedback.
    (This might be in the form of an email from your teacher – make sure you read and respond asap.)
  • Tidy up your WordPress site, and make sure you post all your work.
  • Talk to your teachers about your next steps in your career if you haven’t already. (This might be more study, or applying for jobs, or some sort of combination of these.) You can also talk to our Careers Counsellors about options – call them on 9217 3238 to make an appointment.

Once you have finished all of the above, pat yourself on the back for achieving through one of the most challenging years. You’re awesome.

Have a lovely break, stay safe, and keep in touch 🙂

Week 14 (27/5): Editing

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C4 S121 Google share folder > Final Assessments

Term 2 Video story edit

  • Hoping to give lots of feedback on your edits this week!
  • Finished edit due 3 June

We only have this class and the next to complete, and the following week for me to finish feedback and for you to have moved your edits for last term to Final Assessments. (That is if I haven’t given you an extension.)

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