I’m keen and I want to start RIGHT NOW!

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Now! Now, now!

First up, welcome!

We’re really happy that you’re joining us this semester, and hope you get lots out of your studies.

You might be keen, and want to start right away.

If this is you, AWESOME!

Here are some things that you can do before your course starts:

Watch, read, listen to as much media as possible

Listen to a different radio station to usual, or find a different news site to read.

Pay attention to how content is made, why itโ€™s effective, and how it communicates with its audience.

If you’re with a friend or a family member, ask them what they watch/read/listen to. Then ask them what they like about it.

Take notes on any insights you have.

Speaking of taking notes … start a notebook

Your notebook can be a paper notebook, notes in your phone or some other digital format. It all depends on what you find easiest to use regularly.

Write down all of ideas you have for stories you want to tell, things that you find interesting, any insights you have when you’re watching, reaching, listening to media … anything relevant or interesting really.

If you’re not sure whether or not to write it down, write it down.

Keep your notebook close at hand, and write down your ideas straight away – no matter if they’re big or small.

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