Week 3 (19/8): Formatting a script

young women with mics making an audio story or podcast
Photo: Kate Oseen on Unsplash


Recap Week #2

Last week you wrote a short audio story about Sydney using 3 Act Structure.

It was then time to use 3 Act Structure to write up your idea for an Audio story/podcast.

Soon you’ll be recording your story/podcast, so it’s time to format it in an easy-to-read and clear manner.

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Week 3 (19/8): Intro to MoPho

Basketball, late Monday afternoon. Photo copyright Verity Chambers
Basketball, late Monday afternoon. Photo copyright Verity Chambers

In this video, iPhone photographer Emil Pakarklis explains seven really simple techniques you can use to make your mobile photography good. As with DSLR and larger format photography, the key ingredients are light, composition, and perspective or point of view.

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Week 3 (17/8): Radio surveys, formatics, and technique

young girl wearing headphones and listening to music
How do you keep listeners enraptured? Photo: Andrea Piacquadio/CC/pexels.com


AM: Producing Programs

Who listens to radio anyway?

By now, you’re getting the drift that we care a lot about the audience.

No audience = no station = sounds of silence. Yes, a lovely Simon & Garfunkel song but it’s not going to help sustain a career in media.

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