Get into community radio

Image by CBAA/Keep Community Radio

Getting your first job in the media industry can be a bit tricky.

Job ads will say “experience required” – but how are you supposed to get experience if you can’t get the job?

In Australia, we have an incredible community broadcasting sector with over 400 stations across the country. They’re primarily volunteer-driven, and that means you have the opportunity to volunteer your time, get experience, build your network and your skills, and to put into practice some of the things that you learn at TAFE.

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Professional profile: Janet Fife-Yeomans


Janet Fife-Yeomans is an award-winning journalist and author. She’s currently the Chief Reporter for The Daily Telegraph. Janet has worked in newspapers and television, as well as publishing several true crime books.

Janet spoke with Brian about her career.

But I don’t have a tripod at home!

Having a still and steady shot is often very important for whatever awesome video you’re making.

If you haven’t picked up a tripod from TAFE (or bought one from Daiso or somewhere), you still have lots of options to keep your phone steady.

Here are a couple of random ones that I threw together in my kitchen.

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Wellbeing in a time of corona

Image by Vektor Kunst from Pixabay

So we’re all working from home. It’s great, right? You can wear your pyjamas all day, your commute time is suddenly zero, and you can get a snack whenever you feel like it.

But what if it’s not all smooth sailing?

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