Radio codes of practice

Depending on which part of the radio industry you want to work in, there are specific codes and standards that you need to adhere to.

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Tell me about yourself – how to write your bio

A bio can be one of the trickiest things in the world to write, especially when you’re first starting out. You want it to stand out (for good reasons). You want it to capture you and your potential. It needs to be engaging. Well written. Smart.

How do you do that?

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For when you’re wondering if you’re even any good at this

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Remember two things:

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You can’t say that!

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As much as self expression is a good thing, there *are* limitations to what you can say. This is particularly the case when you’re broadcasting or otherwise publishing your thoughts. Most of our courses cover media law in more depth, and the aim isn’t to make you an expert… but you need to know enough so you know when you need help.

This post is designed as an intro, so you get on air and online asap, and so what you publish is #safefortafe

Here are the key things to not do:

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