Week 7 (26/03): editing from home

Photo Hubert Nguyen


EDIT: Demo video added here.

EDIT 2: Two additional demo videos (from the Zoom session) now posted.

This week in class we will:

  • Discuss Audition sound editing projects completion as per subject guide
  • Feedback on work you’ve completed (if you haven’t had feedback already)
  • Story editing
  • Premiere Pro
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Week 6 (18/03) – Multitrack and intro to Premiere

Photo from PickPik


Watch the videos; then
Read the reference sheets; then
Work on the projects that you haven’t already finished; then
Share with Linda for feedback 🙂

(Suggest that you share each project with Linda as you go – as opposed to waiting until you’ve finished all of them. Share by uploading to your cloud drive eg Dropbox, Google Drive, Adobe Cloud) and sending a share link via email or Zoom chat.


(Here’s a link to Intro to Premiere 2)



Note: you’ll need to be logged in to Google Drive to access the source files 🙂

Debreath – edit projects

Joe um Simpson – interviews edit project

Channel 9 promo – multitrack project

Sound to video – Lady in Red – photos and music

Email links to Linda or post in Zoom chat