Week 7 (26/3): Career goals and personal branding


What sort of career do you want?

Right now, you’re studying journalism, radio or social media but what comes next?

And what is the next step after that?

No one is going to hand you your dream media job, so you have to make a plan.

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Week 6 (19/3): Media structures and ownership – who owns what?


Start of the Murdoch empire

Who owns what

Concentration of media ownership

Guidelines on media control

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Week 4 (5/3): Health & Safety at work

workmen on a building site without scaffolding
Make sure you have the right framework in place to ensure everyone is safe at work. Photo: PickPik.com/CC


Writing and, making radio or TV doesn’t sound dangerous. I mean, has anyone ever died from a paper-cut? And studios are cosy, quiet caves with air-conditioning. What could possibly go wrong?

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Week 3 (26/2): Effective collaboration techniques

trapeze artists - lilthograph from 1890
Trapeze artists in circus, lithograph by Calvert Litho. Co., 1890. Edited digital image from the Library of Congress, reproduction number: LC-USZC4-2091.


Listen actively, encourage, research, brain-storm, be inquisitive, no such thing as a silly question, if you don’t know, ask!

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