Week 14 (18/11): Content challenge day + assessments

Haven’t submitted assessments yet? Be like Shia.

The end of the semester is screaming towards us like an out of control freight train. Soz if that stresses you out … it shouldn’t! You are amazing and have done fab things! And we are here to help.

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Week 13 (11/11): Completing your simple video

Illustration © 2015 uneekL4evr. Licensed under CC-BY.

Today we’ll finish off the simple videos we made, or if you have finished yours already, make another one to fit upcoming Friday news conference and radio show themes.

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Week 12 (4/11): Simple videos Part 3

Photo: Public Domain Pictures/CC

Putting your story together

For the last two weeks you have been organising and shooting your short story. This week will be when you put it all together into a final cut.

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Week 10 MoJo (21/10): Simple video stories Part 1

Photo: State Library and Archives of Florida/CC/Wikimedia Commons


First up, let’s play with simple video-making app InShot. 

  1. Download InShot (free) for Android or iOS
  2. Think about a really simple story you can make in just a few shots. An example is a how-to video – e.g. how to make a soft-boiled egg. You could also introduce us to yourself, a pet, or family member. 
  3. Remember: keep it simple. We’re just trying out the app 😘

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