Week 2 (12/8): Intro to MoJo

Photo: pxhere.com/CC

Yusuf Omar is the founder of MoJo org ‘Hashtag Our Stories’. He has a serious journalism pedigree – he’s the former mobile editor at the Hindustan Times, and also worked as Snapchat social media reporter at CNN.

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Week 15 (3/5): Vox popping

“Sir, how do you feel about the easing of COVID restrictions?” Photo: Richard Leeming/CC/flickr

For anyone who hasn’t done our vox pop assessment, today (and tomorrow, and next week) is your chance.

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Week 14 MoJo (27/5): Reconciliation prep

Illustration: The National Reconciliation Week website

Two things today:

  1. Find your MoJo to make something for Reconciliation Week
  2. For homework, prepare a vox pop on any topic. We will do the vox pop as an exercise in class next week.

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Week 13 (20/5): Completing your simple video

Illustration © 2015 uneekL4evr. Licensed under CC-BY.

Today we’ll finish off the simple videos we made, or if you have finished yours already, make another one to fit upcoming Friday news conference and radio show themes.

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