Week 11 (7/5): Tackling the big issues


The annual Reconciliation Week is fast approaching and provides us with a wonderful opportunity to both create meaningful content and find out more about ourselves and our fellow Australians.

Reconciliation is about reaching out, informing and connecting. Who better to do that than us?

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Week 10: Whose (head)line is it anyway?

Headlines, many would say, don’t get any better than this. Photo: minifig/flickr/CC

Headlines are more important than ever.

Historically, headlines have performed the role of a story’s calling card (or, more bluntly, its needy plea for attention) but these days they are pretty much all that stands between your story going viral and languishing as a wilting digital wallflower, unclicked and unloved.

Often this success can come at a depressing price.

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Week 9 (23/4): The write stuff

Getting the news out in Harry Potter. Photo: Karen Roe/flickr/CC


Professional story presentation

Submitting a news story for a News Conference assessment is exactly the same as submitting a story for a newspaper or website – only the format will change.

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Week 7 (26/3): Generating a story – there’s an app for that

Image by Henning Westerkamp from Pixabay


If there’s one thing we’ve learned in News Conference, it’s that coming up with story ideas from scratch can be really hard.

But the good news is that the news doesn’t always have to come to you – sometimes you can make it happen!

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Week 6 (19/3): Working remotely in the media

Foreign correspondents on the road in Rwanda. Photo: Kigaliwire/flickr/CC


Working remotely in media

Media makers have successfully worked remotely for 20+ years.

If you love story-telling and travel, one of the ultimate jobs is to be a reporter, filing from unique locations like Arnhem Land, Denmark, London, Berlin, Tamworth … name checking like you’re reading from the back of a Faberge Brut 33 bottle. (OK, Tamworth may be a stretch!) 

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