Week 13: Helping your audience find you

Photo by Arnaud Durrieu on Pexels.com

You have a WordPress site under construction. You have at least one social media platform. How do you go about having your content found by readers and followers? 

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Week 12: Strategic sharing & hashtags

Hashtags are one way to channel content. Photo: Mikael Blomkvist/Pexels

You’ve set up your accounts, and have made some content. How do you get your content seen by your audience? How do you stop it getting lost in the vast reaches of the internet?

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Week 11: Having a content plan

If it’s October it must be pumpkins. Photo: Monstera on Pexels.com

Most truly excellent things result from at least a basic amount of planning. Your online presence (i.e. your WordPress site and social media platform/s) are exactly the same – they’ll benefit from having some sort of structured plan. That plan will in turn invite you to be disciplined: it’ll help you set deadlines and (hopefully) stick to them.

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