Week 11 (3/5): Covid and social media

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I have a confession to make: I’m so over talking about Covid.

I can’t remember another issue that’s dominated our public discourse and media so much for so long.

Covid has changed almost every aspect of our lives, even if we haven’t quite worked out how yet.

Because of this, we need to talk about how Covid has impacted on social media and how we use it into the future.

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Week 10 (26/4): Strategy, identity and community

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Creating a clear brand identity or personality

Most people and organisations already have some sort of online identity, even if it’s a bit confusing or unclear.

One of our first major challenges with Off Campus and TAFE Radio was how to make our voice consistent when there are so many different people making the content.

You’re already completely across our style guide, platforms and personality profile, but let’s analyse a bit deeper.

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Week 3 (21/2): Stakeholders, risks, and the way forward

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Last week, we delved into the idea of audience.

We researched TAFE Radio and Off Campus, their audiences, and their content pillars. We read the style guide.

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