The Good News Story Project*

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Welcome to The Good News Story Project*

(*yet to be named – by you!)

For the next three weeks Journalism, Radio, and Socials students will work together on a project. We’ll be returning to our regular programming in the first week of next term, but in the meantime, we have a challenge for you 😎

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Quotes and punctuation

protesting the murder of george floyd
Protesting the murder of George Floyd. Photo: Ted Eytan/CC/Flickr


Last week we practised our news writing skills. Each story we write ultimately improves our technique. There are many theories to master in the art of writing. Your job is to practice, practise, practice.

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Week 8 (31/03): career goals and personal branding Part 1

Last week we looked at media structures and ownership and explored opportunities for media practitioners. We considered where we might like to work in the future.

This week we will look at:

    • how to pursue our desired career path
    • how to achieve our goals
    • personal branding

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