Week 14 (17/11): Your portfolio!

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We’re getting very VERY close to the end of semester and your course!

Now’s the time to look critically at your WordPress site and find any gaps in your portfolio.

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What about WHS?

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As professionals, we need to understand how to keep up-to-date with our legal responsibilities.

As such, we need to know how to:

  • Find the information
  • Work out what information is relevant to us, and what information isn’t
  • Understand what it means
  • Apply it to our specific circumstances

Where do we start?


How do we know what’s relevant?

The information should be:

  • From an official source
  • From the right jurisdiction

What if I don’t understand it?

Keep reading. Keep researching. Ask questions.

How is this different to the WHS subject I did in my Cert 4?

Good question. The unit you’re doing in the Diploma is at a higher level than at the Cert 4. Here, you need to understand how to look up the right information, interpret it, and apply it to your specific circumstances. You also need to understand your WHS responsibilities to other people.