Week 13: How the Zen of punctuation and grammar leads to self-editing nirvana

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Fine tuning your final assessment task presents the perfect opportunity to look at the importance of self-editing.

Polishing your feature means not only ensuring that your writing is concise and effective – it is also the time for locating and eliminating spelling and/or grammatical mistakes.

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Week 12: Writing features

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Research and write a Feature Story for your portfolio. 

The story should demonstrate evidence of research conducted from a number of sources and must contain quotes or audio grabs obtained from interview/s with at least two (2) people. 

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Week 11: Brainstorming ideas

Ideas are all around you. Photo: pikrepo

Why Brainstorm Ideas?

The purpose of brainstorming story ideas is firstly to find an idea that you want to write about and then to develop a concept for your story – not a fully outlined plot. Just the seed of inspiration that captures your attention wholeheartedly. Once you’ve found that seed, you can begin to develop a premise.

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Week 10: Fiction vs nonfiction

Fiction and nonfiction – enthralling and valuable, but different. Photo: tunnelmotions/Pixabay


What’s the Difference?

Works of fiction and nonfiction can each be enthralling and valuable pieces of literature, but they are different in several important ways.

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