Week 12 (13/05): Writing features

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Assessment 3

Research and write a Feature Story – A Human Interest Story of your choice.

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Week 11 (06/05): Brainstorming ideas

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Brainstorming a new story idea can be quite overwhelming.

Sometimes because we have too many ideas rushing around in our heads and at other times because our minds go totally blank.

When we have too many ideas we can struggle trying to choose the best one. When we go blank we think we can never think up a story idea again.

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Week 10 (29/04): Fiction vs nonfiction

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Week 9 recap: 3 Act Structure

You had to: Turn your famous person profile into a 500 word story using the 3-Act Structure. 3 Act Structure is the basis of good story telling. It consists of a Beginning, Middle & End and will be used in this week’s task.

This week: Fiction vs. Nonfiction – What’s the Difference?

Works of fiction and nonfiction can each be enthralling and valuable pieces of literature, but they are different in several important ways.

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