Week 14 (29/05): Radio demos and finding jobs

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A gentle reminder that your 3rd and final assessment is due: Professional Portfolio WordPress site with written bio and 5 samples of class work.

Save PDFs of the relevant pages into “final assessments” Industry folder at Google docs

All you need to know here.

Today’s lesson: Making your radio demo using Adobe Audition

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Week 14 (29/05): Producing radio

Photo Airman Laura Beckley / Incirlik



A gentle reminder that your final portfolio: 8 voice breaks, 8 scripts, all associated research, 3 program run-sheets and a 200-word reflection is due today.

There’s only 2 more classes to go before semester end on Friday 19/06 (feedback opportunity) so please submit no later than Friday 12/06.  

All the info here.

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Week 14 (28/05): Keep on editing!

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C4 S1 2020 Google share folder > Final Assessments here

Term 2 Video story editing

  • Hoping to give lots of feedback on your rough cuts this week!
  • Finished edit due in week 15 on 4 June

We have 2 classes beforehand including this one

Reminder your assessment includes a 300 word reflection.

Please talk to me if you have any issues with completing your assessment. I’m here to support you.

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Week 14 MoJo (27/5): Reconciliation prep

Illustration: The National Reconciliation Week website

Two things today:

  1. Find your MoJo to make something for Reconciliation Week
  2. For homework, prepare a vox pop on any topic. We will do the vox pop as an exercise in class next week.

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