Discover the cover (letter)

Aside from your resume, your cover letter is one of the main weapons in your traditional job hunting arsenal. Still super relevant and absolutely required by majority of formal job ads, the cover letter allows you to tailor your application to each employer and each role.

So how do you start?

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Hot tips for writing a hot resume

blank business composition computer
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It’s one of those documents that we know we need to have, even if it can induce stress in even the most accomplished professional, and despite a fair amount of well-intentioned yet conflicting advice going on.

Here’s what I’ve seen work, especially for someone applying for their first media job:

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Media Project: Staying on track

The Flying Wallendas 7-Man Pyramid, The Big E Fair, 2005. Photo: Porterlu/Wikipedia/Public Domain

Everything is going to be a lot easier if you spend time planning your project. It’s important to establish clear deadlines for yourselves and stick to them. You’ll also need to stay in contact with one another outside class time – don’t let your one weekly meeting be the only time you discuss ideas and progress.

There are some really good project management and collaboration apps and tools that help. These include:

Google Calendar
Google Drive