Week 12 (12/05): the strategy

Image by pikrepo


Checking in with your assessments.

We’re on the home stretch of the semester.

We have learnt a lot, especially about being adaptive to the way that we make media. Sometimes, we have the luxury of a radio studio, other times, we create remotely.

Today you will have the opportunity to choose what you do. So here goes:

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Week 12 (11/5): The first draft

Photo: Sam Hood/State Library of NSW
Photo: Sam Hood/State Library of NSW

Writing, says our mate Jack Hart, is like organised thinking. Organising your information is the first step towards imposing order on the writing process, thereby disciplining the mind.

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But I don’t have a tripod at home!

Having a still and steady shot is often very important for whatever awesome video you’re making.

If you haven’t picked up a tripod from TAFE (or bought one from Daiso or somewhere), you still have lots of options to keep your phone steady.

Here are a couple of random ones that I threw together in my kitchen.

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Week 11 (08/05): Preparing for Reconciliation Week

Image from Reconciliation Australia


Reconciliation week: May 27-June 2

Read more here.

OFF CAMPUS/ON AIR stream: Friday, May 29, 11am.

Let’s consider the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

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